Rigor and critical thinking are the foundation of Plato Learning Academy’s academic. We ensure that our curriculum and instructional practices adhere to the rigors and complexity of the Common Core Standards. Since Common Core guides our instruction, we do not align our curriculum to one specific literacy and mathematics program. However, we use research based reading and math curriculums that guarantee student academic achievement. Below are two major programs that we utilize  in our classrooms:

Reading Street Common Core Curriculum

Reading Street Common Core helps us prioritize instruction to support higher levels of reading and writing. Reading Street Common Core provides the opportunity to:

  • increase text complexity in reading.
  • provide accessible rigor.
  • balance fiction and informational texts.
  • build content-area knowledge.
  • emphasize close reading.
  • focus on informative/explanatory, argumentative/opinion, and narrative writing.
  • implement performance assessments.
  • integrate media and 21st century skills.

My Math

McGraw-Hill My Math was built on the Common Core State Standards and exceeds your expectations of how challenging and engaging an elementary math program can be with:

Real rigor that produces results

McGraw-Hill My Math was carefully constructed to help meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards. Woven throughout, the three components of rigor (Conceptual Understanding, Procedural Skill & Fluency, & Application) are woven throughout the program in equal intensity, allowing students to progress toward a higher level of achievement in meeting the high expectations of the Standards and Common Core Assessments. Plus, now with the addition of ALEKS integration, students can set their own path to personal growth. Backed by over 20 years of rigorous brain research originating with the National Science Foundation, ALEKS identifies gaps in understanding and delivers focused instruction to help each student gain confidence they need to excel in math. Great for fluency practice, Aleks Quick Tables offers an engaging approach to math fact mastery to build rigor.