AQS Schools all share a common philosophical foundation which we believe must characterize our nation’s schools if they are to educate young people to be successful in life and in the 21st century global economy. Those foundational pillars are:

    1. Rigor
    2. Relevance
    3. Engagement
    4. Choice
    5. Character
    6. Competencies

AQS schools use the components of the philosophical foundation to create a curriculum, teaching strategies, and a school culture that allows for the direct implementation of that philosophy in every classroom.  In implementing the 6 philosophical foundation, AQS schools like Plato uses the strategy of the 6 “P’s” which are:

    1. Problem-Based Learning / Project-Based Learning
    2. Place-Based Learning
    3. Play-Based Learning
    4. Paideia Instructional Strategy
    5. Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies (PBIS)
    6. Performance-Based Compensation

Philosophical Foundation School Implementation
1) Rigor * Problem/Project Based Learning
* Paideia Strategies
2) Relevance * Place-Based Learning
3) Engagement * Paideia Strategies
* Play-Based Learning
4) Choice * Problem-Based Learning
* Paideia Strategies
5) Character * Paideia Strategies
* Place-Based Learning
6) Competencies * All 6 “P’s”
* Performance-Based Compensation